Daniel Deroo     Drawings and Contemporary Paintings

Daniel Deroo was born in Lille in 1943. He grew up in the Northern part of France, near the Channel in the Dunkirk suburbs.

He is a drawing self-taught man. The city of Brussels being closed to his hometown of Dunkirk, Daniel Deroo has been impregnated with the comic strips’ school cartoonists, such as: Hergé, Peyo, Jijé and above all Franquin.

Daniel Deroo attended evening classes to study Graphism and developped practice of speed drawing at the Schools of Art in Lille (1959 - 1960) and in Grenoble (1974 - 1975). At that time, Daniel Deroo often used China ink, pen and brushes creating drawings with sharp and firm lines. The next step to watercolour paintings and coloring using Itten's principles is mainly due to Micheline Bousquet, an American painter and sculpture woman artist whom he met and who was specialized in abstracted water colours and oil paintings. Micheline Bousquet organized virtual studio courses in Grenoble and in Annecy.  During the 4 years (1990- 1993) he attended those courses, he had developped his own technique and personal sensitiveness.

Daniel Deroo was not fully satisfied with the oil painting technique he learnt from 1985 to 1987. He was and still is, far more interested in a quick and spontaneous drawing or painting work. To draw a parallel, his self-taught approach of acrylic painting has kept the whole transparency of watercolor painting.

Daniel Deroo’s artistic activity has always been a hobby for him. His job as a Scientistand as a University Professor took a lot of his time. Even during his hard-working periods, he always kept drawing, particularly during his professional travelling around the world.